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Pilot Projects and Consulting

T-VEC encourages organizations to use short, focused pilot projects to demonstrate the applicability and versatility of T-VEC's tools and services within their organization. We provide service engagements of various lengths to help teams work on specific projects to capture and model requirements, and automatically generate tests to verify the application under development.

T-VEC also provides consulting support for organizations involved in FAA and FDA tool qualification.

Tool Customization and Integration

T-VEC clients continually leverage T-VEC services. We tailor our tools to seamlessly integrate within clients' environments reducing their need to make costly organization changes.

T-VEC Helps Organizations Incorporate and Tailor Its Tools and Services

A key part of our service package is supporting organizational adoption of T-VEC's approach through tailoring of processes resulting in leveraging powerful technologies that can eliminate manual procedures and minimize process variation. Organizations have demonstrated that the approach can be integrated into existing processes to achieve significant cost and schedule savings.