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RAVE Overview

T-VEC's Requirements-based Automated Verification (RAVE) solution is a proven method and integrated toolset for requirement-based defect prevention and automated testing. By modeling and analyzing system requirements with RAVE before design and coding, project teams refine the requirements and correct defects before they enter the system.

The requirements models are then used to automatically generate the optimal set of test cases needed to fully test the system. These test cases are then transformed in test drivers in any programming language or test scripts for any capture/playback or other test execution tool.

The RAVE components include:
  • T-VEC Tabular Modeler (TTM) for requirements capture, management and defect analysis.
  • Test Vector Generator for functional test case design.
  • Test Driver Generator for transforming generic test vectors into test drivers or test scripts for test execution.
  • Report Generators help track project status by indicating
    • Test Coverage
    • Model Defects
    • Test Cases
    • Test Failures