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T-VEC Test Vector Generation System (TVGS)

The T-VEC Test Vector Generation System is a tool suite for model-based functional test generation. It operates on rigorous system or software models to verify their integrity and automatically generate test cases useful in verifying an implementation of the models. These models are typically developed in modeling tools available from T-VEC or third-party vendors. The tool suite includes the Test Driver Generator for transforming the generic test vectors into test drivers or test scripts for test execution.

The test cases generated by T-VEC are known as test vectors and include test input values, expected output values and traceability from each test to its associated requirement. By analyzing the traceability information, test coverage analysis determines whether the test vectors fully test the model.

The tool suite generates a variety of HTML reports, including

  • Test Vector Tables
  • Test Coverage Report
  • Test Results (pass/fail)
  • Project Status

The project status report summaries all the data necessary for management to track project progress. It includes project level summary data in addition to details for each project subsystem. This data includes counts of:

  • Number of model requirements
  • Number of model errors
  • Number of test vectors
  • Number of test failures

The tool suite includes both graphical and command-line interfaces to support interactive development and debugging, as well as, process automation and test regression. All artifacts of the toolset are stored as ASCII files to support inspection, automated processing and configuration management (i.e., version control).

T-VEC Test Vector Generation System Features

  • Automatic Test Vector Generation
  • Model Contradiction Detection
  • Automatic Test Driver Generation
  • Dynamic Model Analysis
  • Scalability to Industrial Applications
  • Comprehensive Status Reports