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The benefits our solutions bring and the rigorous technology behind them set them apart from other automated software quality tools. T-VEC goes beyond the standard approaches of defect tracking and automated repetition of manually scripted or capture/playback test cases.

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T-VEC has helped customers in various application domains tailor and adopt our tools and methods to significantly reduce cost, while increasing reliability and quality.

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Lockheed Martin's Ed Safford and Rockell Collins' David Statezni presented results of applying T-VEC's automated verification and testing technologies at the Twelfth Annual Software Technology Conference in May 2000.

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T-VEC Solutions are effective in many different application domains

T-VEC Solutions have been applied to applications in various domains including critical applications for aerospace (Mars Polar Lander), medical devices, flight navigation, guidance, autopilots, display systems, flight management and control laws, engine controls, and airborne traffic and collision avoidance. T-VEC Solutions has also been applied to non-critical applications like databases, client-server, web-based, automotive, and telecommunication applications. The related test driver generation has been developed for many languages (e.g., C, C++, Java, Ada, Perl, PL/I, SQL, etc.) as well as proprietary languages, COTS test injection products (e.g., DynaComm, WinRunner) and test environments. Most users of the approach have reduced their verification/test effort by 50 percent