Case: Increasing Software Development Throughput with T-VEC Solutions


Staff applies T-VEC solutions

Expert staff at Company A seamlessly integrated T-VEC solutions into their process.

  • Company A' development staff built requirement models using a T-VEC interface.
  • T-VEC solutions identified several requirements defects before they became part of the code.
  • Developement staff refined the model accordingly.
  • T-VEC solutions automatically generated comprehensive tests from the refined model.
  • Developement engineers used T-VEC tests seamlessly in conjunction with the existing testing infrastructure.
  • Working from clear and comprehensive T-VEC test reports identifying unmet requirements, Company A's engineers efficiently repaired software defects.
  • When T-VEC reported that all requirements were met, the reports were accepted by the Federal Aviation Administration as proof that the software met its rigorous RTCA DO-178B approval requirements.
  • The Problem
    Excessive time and staff needed to verify and validate software module
  • The Approach
    Automated validation and verification based on requirements models
  • Implementation
    Developement staff applies T-VEC solutions
  • Results
    Dramatic reduction in cost and effort, while achieving rigorous FAA DO-178B safety and certification requirements