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New Releases of the T-VEC Tools (09-30-09)

The Latest Release of the T-VEC Tool Suite

The T-VEC Tabular Modeler (TTM) 5.0.0 is now generally available.

Primary Modeling Features/Enhancements

  • New "Library Include" list and new library of frequency-domain Function Tables. The library include list, now a part of the Model Includes mechanism, allows the user to add a set of Function Tables that only get included in the overall translation if they are referenced from the main TTM model. The first installment of a default set of Function Table libraries is TTM_freq_domain_FTs.ttm and is located in a new section of the install directories called


  • This library contains the following Function Tables: back_TimeIntegrator, derivative, difference, filter, forward_TimeIntegrator, transfun, trap_TimeIntegrator, UD_boolean, UD_char, UD_double, UD_float, UD_integer, UD_string, UD_unsigned. (UD means Unit Delay).

  • Added support for the inlining of Function Tables.

  • Added support for documenting the use of the test driver mapping file "Info" items. These are used to create .map file variables to support test driver generation in conjunction with a test driver schema.

  • Added a basic test driver schema for TTM that is based on the Simulink Tester schema and is intended to provide direction for TTM users that would like to run TTM test drivers on target code generated by the Simulink RTW code generator.

  • Added background monitoring of included TTM models to detect if/when models being included by a currently open main model have been modified outside of TTM, or in another running instance of TTM

  • Added support for using C/C++ style comments within TTM condition/assignment field expressions.

  • Added the ability to convert SCR-style TERM and OUTPUT tables into Function Tables. INPUT variables can also be converted into empty Function Tables.

  • Added the ability to restore initial TTM GUI window settings and arrangements via a tool bar menu item ”File>Restore Environment Settings”.

TTM Model Checker

  • Many additional model-checks and refinements to previous model checks have been accomplished for this release.

  • Please see the Release Notes for more details on the changes in this release.

The T-VEC Tester for Simulink and Stateflow 4.6.0 is now generally available.

  • Added support for Matlab 2009a

  • Embedded Matlab (EML) is now supported across all versions from R14SP2 and later.

  • Improved translation of subsystems using block priority settings to address execution ordering for situations where signal path dependencies alone are insufficient and ambiguous.

  • Significantly improved MFC version of the sl2tvec GUI is now available (via sl2tvec -mfc on the Matlab console command line). This version of the sl2tvec GUI includes a powerful Assertion editor, replacing the text editor approach still used by the non-MFC version of this tool)

  • Improved Stateflow support in the areas of test driver mappings, inlining, graphical functions, and event triggers.

  • Improved Test Coverage for Selectors, Min/Max, Matrix Assignment blocks

  • Improved tolerance for incomplete models, for example when the model uses display blocks rather than output ports or when a state machine has no outputs at all.

  • Improved auto-generated "make" files for building the T-VEC artifacts and generating and executing test drivers.

  • Added support for "Use Strong Typing with Simulink I/O"

  • Increase the default domain for signals of type "single" from ±1.0E+004 to ±1.0E+005 to coincide with improved management of floating point round off errors in the VGS vector generator.

Please see the Release Notes for more details on the changes in this release.

The T-VEC Test Vector Generator System (VGS) 4.0.0 is now generally available.

  • Added scenario analysis

  • Added initial support for integrating T-VEC VGS's test driver generator with VectorCAST test platform. The distribution includes a basic test driver schema for producing VectorCAST script files with the file extension ".vts" (VectorCAST Test Script) and this file extension is recognized by the VGS GUI’s "Test Driver" accessing Icon and menu items.

  • Improved navigation from T-VEC VGS GUI to the Simulink or TTM model from which the T-VEC project was produced.

  • Added the ability to restore initial TTM GUI window settings and arrangements via a tool bar menu item - File>Restore Environment Settings.

  • Subsystem numeric input variables that are not constrained or used in a given test driver are now set to the default value of 0. In addition, all types of unconstrained and unreferenced variables can be displayed in the Test Vector html reports with a "-" rather than a default value.

  • Added the ability in the DCP view to select a specific DCP and generate a test vector only for that DCP.

  • Made significant improvements to treatment of floating point round off errors, effectively extending he number of default significant digits for FLOAT32 variables from 5 to 6 digits.

Please see the Release Notes for more details on the changes in this release.