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New Release: T-VEC Tabular Modeler (TTM) 4.1.1

The T-VEC Tabular Modeler (TTM) 4.1.1 is now generally available.

New and improved functionality includes:
  • Updated communication mechanisms for DOORS integration required for TTM / DOORS synchronization
  • Support for navigating through model reports using back and forward navigation icon customizable through the tool bar
  • Updates to the TTM expression checker and translator are being created to support "arrays" - ask your TTM support person if you are interested in an early trial. Your suggestions may impact the way array modeling is supported in TTM.

Please see the Release Notes for more details on the changes in this release.

The T-VEC Tabular Modeler 4.1.0 requires T-VEC Vector Generation System release 3.1.0 or later.

For additional information and guidance, please see the T-VEC wiki http://www.t-vec.com/wiki. The Wiki contains information about T-VEC's suite of tools, tips on tool use, examples and explanations of how tools have been used or tailored to meet clients' needs, methodological guidelines and best practices, and other related information.