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T-VEC Tester for Simulink™ Promises More Cost Efficient Automated Testing

For Immediate Release
Thursday, January 16, 2003

Herndon, VA -T-VEC Technologies today announced the release of its T-VEC Tester for Simulink™ 1.0. The Tester is the latest addition to T-VEC's expanding suite of sophisticated analysis and test automation tools for requirements and design models. The T-VEC Tester for Simulink automates much of the testing process by analyzing Simulink™ models to determine the best test cases for validating models and testing implementations of the models. T-VEC considers this as a critical capability and one that any user of The Mathworks' Simulink and the Real-time Workshop should have. Comprehensive testing of complex systems is a typically a labor-intensive and error-prone process which often produces the largest cost in the software development lifecycle.

T-VEC reported that its customers typically see significant cost savings - in the range of 40% to 60% of product development budgets -- when T-VEC tools and solutions are used to model system requirements, analyze the models, and automate manual testing processes. The addition of the Tester for Simulink™ 1.0 to T-VEC's product line further helps organizations leverage the time of their software testing engineers and developers. Previously manual processes become automated, and the product development cycle becomes more reliable with reduced risk to budgets and schedules.

For more information about T-VEC's Tester for Simulink™ 1.0, go to T-VEC's web site at www.t-vec.com.

T-VEC Technologies, Inc. has its headquarters in Herndon, Virginia. The company, founded in 1996, has developed the most powerful software testing tools available today and proven methods for requirement-based defect prevention and automated testing. T-VEC is committed to producing tools that automate the most error-prone and expensive testing activities in the software product development cycle generating significant costs savings for its customers. T-VEC's client base spans a range of industries, including aerospace, telecommunications, defense, security, database, and medical devices, with high assurance applications.

For more information, contact:
Maureen Murtha
T-VEC Technologies, Inc.